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Wed Apr 16 09:19
Today is April 16th the Sun is in Aries the Moon is in Scorpio

Tue Apr 15 19:54
if any one has any ideas to in prove the site just send ur ideas to my inbox Smile

Fri Apr 04 08:28
Today is April 15th the Sun is in Aries the Moon is in Libra

Thu Apr 03 12:00
Sorry to hear about your computer crashing,that happened to me one time I was doing a article on the tarot and get to the last card and it crashed

Thu Apr 03 11:06
computer crashes sux BADLY! Now to restore everything I lost, which is an all week affair! Oh well, it keeps me busy, I guess.

Mon Mar 31 08:52
Today is Aprill 3rd the Sun is in Aries the Moon is in Taurus

Sun Mar 30 19:29
Great job, Puck! Grin

Sun Mar 30 15:20
Looks good Puck keep up the good work Grin

Sun Mar 30 14:57
Added more info to the "familiars and humans" post-I might get it done by tomorrow at this rate!

Wed Mar 26 08:19
Today is March 30th the Sun is in Aries the Moon is in Pisces

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